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MaxITgroup is a global consulting firm providing innovative and robust end-to-end solutions. We are passionate about transforming the way business gets done. With a unique combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and technological expertise, we design and build powerful Internet solutions. MaxITgroup merges these competencies with unmatched speed-to-market -- the result is eTransformation.

MaxITgroup stands out from the competition in several areas, namely in the superior experience of our consulting practice and eBusiness services groups. The highest levels of passion and talent are assembled at MaxITgroup, providing a breadth and depth of knowledge, which has proved critical to our client's successes.

Our goal is to provide leading organizations with Information Technology services and solutions to resolve their most challenging IT issues. Delivering outstanding results requires intense commitment and close collaboration with our clients. We believe that having a full-time presence at the client site to observe and address the issues faced by them increases our ability to help achieve their business goals. Consequently, MaxITgroup consultants work as part of close-knit engagement teams directly at client sites.

With clients MaxITgroup uses technology extensively in the exchange of information and ideas. The responsibility, talent, and loyalty that each of our staff members share is driving MaxITgroup to quickly develop into a world-class consulting firm. We have incorporated input from the entire staff in developing and defining the organization and its offerings. All of our consultants strive to do great work and to have a significant impact on our client's business. Each new staff member helps our culture continue to evolve into one that best meets the needs of our clients and our organization.

Having experienced internet consulting and technology specialists, we help our clients achieve rapid break-troughs in their business by keeping them at pace with the emerging global economy and beyond. We e-nable our customers to quickly respond to changing processes by expanding their enterprise to an eBusiness model over the internet.



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