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Client Perspective:
The systems group within the HR department of this large financial institution saw the need to leverage the power of information technology more fully in order to maintain its leadership position within the industry. Specifically, the following elements were targeted as key to accomplishing this objective:
  • Maximize use of Internet and intranet technology in the development of applications and production of reports
  • Leverage best practices
  • Incorporate flexible and scalable architecture
  • Build on key existing and former HR systems
  • Allow access to analytical tools and information for managers at all levels

The Solution:
In order to drive improvement in the HR application environment, the following specific problems were identified for resolution:

  • Incomplete HR data
  • Limited access for managers
  • Reports not available when needed
  • No ad hoc reporting capability
  • Poor manual report aggregation
  • Data versus information
  • Stand-alone nature of reports
  • Lack of "big picture" information availability
  • Limited usefulness as a management tool

MaxITgroup supplied a team of developers utilizing, VB, ASP, SQL, Windows NT, as well as graphic/content specialists utilizing HTML, FLASH, DHTML, Vbscript, JavaScript. The assembled team has helped the HR Information systems area by enabling:

  • Flexible, customized reporting
  • "Complete" HR data - the whole life cycle
  • Ability to predict employee performance, turnover, absenteeism
  • Ability to make fact-based, strategic human resource decisions
  • Access at the right levels at the right time
  • Minimal data entry, automated reporting
  • Integration with financial system
  • Information versus data

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