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At MaxITgroup we believe in supporting our clients in every situation. The most challenging and frustrating time for any business is when opportunities exceed available resources. No matter what is driving your "resource gap" - budget, timing, or a lack of expertise - we have a cost-effective solution. By employing our consulting services team you will gain the ability to take advantage of business opportunities that you might otherwise have to forfeit. We will provide you with a trained team of experts at your site in virtual time. Experts who can hit the ground running and contribute at a high level, for as long as you need them. 

Offsite Development

MaxITgroup has over 30 Internet professionals at our offsite development centers. This provides the capability to offer our clients application development and maintenance support along with a cost effective, time sensitive ability to deliver customized solutions.

Offsite development concept was developed after learning a great deal from working with our global clients over the years. We have tried to adopt newer and more efficient technologies; we understand our clients needs better; and we provide a standard of service far beyond our competition.

Taking advantage of our Services team will provide you with

  • Expertise in leading edge and industry-specific technologies

  • Flexibility to work projects of any length, starting at any time

  • Real experience in solving technical and business problems

  • Confidence that you have the resources necessary to get your project done on time and on budget

How we deliver


This initial step includes a detailed evaluation of your current business processes and the systems that support them. The eSolutions team works closely with all levels of your organization to determine what does and doesn't work today, where you want your company to go, and how your existing technical infrastructure can support your new business goals. We help you leverage what you have to move towards the next generation.


Your business managers and your technical managers work in unison with our team to formulate the high-level strategy, define objectives for the project, and outline expected results.


Consultants work with your project team to analyze the initial project plan, conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) study, build a prototype, and examine the project's potential impact on your current organization; both technically and at a business level. This collaboration allows us to anticipate any issues and plan accordingly. 


Our experienced business experts work with your team to define the workflow rules and business logic that will support your business processes. We then design the system architecture and information systems that implement and automate that logic.


This final phase includes actual development, deployment, testing and tuning of the new system and the implementation of the processes that the application supports. We work closely with your team throughout the entire progression to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and technology.

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