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Are you having trouble getting special projects done? Are any of your departments behind and not getting caught up? You have issues that need to be addressed, but you donít want to add more fixed costs. Outsourcing may be the answer.

Outsourcing is a process by which management identifies a problem or opportunity they lack the resources or time to deal with effectively. Outsourcing lets management create leverage without committing to fixed resources.

Once management decides to use outsourcing, they need to determine the best external resources available to address the matter. Outsourcing is becoming much more common today as companies seek resource-rich concentrations of professionals who can bring a multi-disciplined approach to their issues. Outsourcing differs from traditional consulting projects in that it typically involves greater detachment by management (less direct involvement), though the distinction is sometimes blurred.

Benefits of Outsourcing - Outsourcing is a cost-effective way for you to address complex and varied problems. It offers access to a wide variety of top professionals, permits you to define the cost, eliminates long-term employee commitments, broadens perspectives (based on our experience with many different companies and industries), and is available when you need it. Just as you look at outsourcing manufacturing processes or distribution to vendors who are more cost effective than your own company, outsourcing intellectual/managerial matters often produces a broader range of potential solutions and creative ideas.

Common Outsourcing Projects - We have provided outsourcing services including litigation support, internal audit, temporary accounting or other personnel, due diligence, market studies, distribution and logistics analysis, growth or turnaround strategy, benefit plan record keeping, and human resource issues, among others.

Example Situation - Management of a rapidly growing company was asked by its board to implement an internal audit program. Management was concerned about forming a new function, which would essentially be a cost center. They discussed outsourcing the internal audit function with MaxITgroup. We perfected a streamlined process by which we can quickly develop the agreed-upon procedures to address internal controls, risk assessments and other dynamics that concern management and the board. The advantages of using MaxITgroup were:

  • Ability to expand or contract the internal audit budget without impacting employees
  • Access to breadth of services and trained professionals (audit, tax, operations, systems, strategy and human resources)
  • Ability to tailor the internal audit plan, drawing on resource-rich capabilities
  • Elimination of investment in computers and software to test complex systems and ongoing training costs
  • Elimination of recruiting and turnover issues for the company and outsourcing provides access to the highly qualified professionals that MaxITgroup can attract and maintain
  • Access to MaxITgroup personnel who have diverse experiences and backgrounds, resulting from serving a broad cross-section of industries
  • Potential to reduce - or at a minimum - supplement, procedures performed by the external auditor

After considering these factors, management recommended outsourcing the internal audit function to MaxITgroup and the board agreed.

Developing an Outsourcing Engagement - You begin by identifying the issue to outsource. While that sounds so basic as to be of little value, we often find that the issue management identifies is either a symptom of the real issue or the result thereof. We begin by discussing the issue with you and formulating a team of specialists to address it. The team then designs the specific procedures needed to address your issue. These procedures are then reviewed with you, and with your concurrence, reduced to an agreed-upon procedures engagement letter. The next step is the execution of the procedures and the preparation and delivery of our report, findings and recommendations.

MaxITgroup's Outsourcing Resources - We have significant qualifications in all the areas described above. Our educational backgrounds and experiences cover a wide range of talent, and include process and mechanical engineers, CPAs, MBAs with many different concentrations, lawyers, and a variety of computer-technology specialists. Together we formulate teams of these specialists to address your problems. The multi-disciplined approach to problem solving is often critical to assuring a clear focus on the ultimate goal of building shareholder value in every outsourcing assignment we undertake.


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